Clients with memory reduction, isolation and communication issues

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Name: Mairáad McEvoy

Identifying and achieving the necessities of individual clients

  • Memory loss
  • Social Isolation
  • Communication Difficulty


In The following assignment I have already been asked to write around three clients which has experienced the following, memory loss, Social isolation / withdrawal and conversation difficulties.

Case 1:

Margaret (Brand has been altered for confidentiality) Memory loss:

Background Facts: The first customer that I am going to discuss can be Margaret who is suffering from memory loss. Margaret married john in 1956 and now can be a widow since 2009 john passed away after having a coronary attack, they had three kids two sons and one daughter their names had been Joe, Martin and Beth. They had their own store in the local village for 15 years witch Margaret worked lengthy days and tried hence much to help out the local persons at all she could. Margaret adored fashion she generally had to appear her best she would never walk out the house without don jewellery. Margaret was a loving caring women you’ll never go in to the house and not get a cup of tea in the event that you said that you didn’t want to buy she’d say what’s wrong with you, she cherished her grandchildren so substantially and they all cherished her because she got a lovely box and all you would go up to go to the children would need to go and obtain something from it. At the age of 65 years good old Margaret suffered from speedy dementia.

Challenges: When I looked at Margaret’s care plan I found out that she found a lot of things challenging like the Activities of daily living (A.D.L), Margaret found it had to wash and dress, and a major matter that was a task for Margaret was that she did not know her family which I know was so difficult for her as she treasured them consequently much.

Competences: Although Margaret had dementia she was in proficient in lots of things. Margaret was even now able to drink and eat herself. She was nonetheless able to get right up and walk about. Margaret is still able to communicate with you but she would get confused easily.

Quality of existence: To greatly help improve Margaret standard of living will be if she got a tracking device this might inform you if Margaret is fully gone out of your area that she actually is meant to maintain. Also to help her standard of living would be sensor lighting that if Margaret got up at night time they would turn on.

Current procedures: Margaret acquired a sleeping table during the night to help her sleep as during the night she would get very confused and would usually discuss wanting to go home. As she could walk around you’ll have to be with her a number of the times as she’d get emotional and upset about different things.

Learning outcomes: As I care for my client Margaret I then found out a whole lot about her life and also found out the way that dementia can affect your life so substantially from Margaret been so active in her day and then when dementia occur her life changed. I as well learned that I use to talk method to fast and Margaret cannot understand what I was declaring no I had to understand to speak slower. I likewise learned that in the event that you would mention family member she would not remember who they were which would make her far more agitated.

Case 2: Jerry (Name has been altered for confidentiality) Community isolation / withdrawal:

Background Facts: The second client that I will discuss is Jerry he is 55 years aged, he utilized to live along with his brother but last year his brother died because of cancer so right now jerry lives on his own he by no means married and does not have any other any family members, when his bother Tommy died he lost so very much as he did everything for him. Jerry can’t drive thus he does rely upon us to carry him to village, mass extremely week. Jerry is totally isolated he lives up a lane where no visitors passes and he’d not check out anyone until we go up to him. In November jerry offers been diagnosed with hearing problems. From my details that I found out about Jerry Then i decided to set out a care plan for my client for me to have the ability to know what I could do to help Jerry Hearing problems and assist in any way that I possibly could.

Challenges: Jerry would locate a lot of different point complicated as he can’t get thus he finds this complicated as he would need to wait on someone to get him around he as well find it hard to connect as he is a person that wouldn’t try and communicate with you at all and when he lost it hearing stuff got a lot harder for jerry.

Competences: Although jerry was diagnosed with a hearing difficulty. He still able to drink and eat. He still can walk around for himself but as his hearing gets worst his balance would not be as steady.

Quality of lifestyle: To greatly help Jerry improve his standard of living was when that he had enough of been by himself and decided to transfer to the local town where he had a lot more independence and where he got to meet people. If jerry acquired a hearing aid it could be a lot easier for him in order to communicate and his existence will be a lot easier but he’s a man doesn’t existence to employ any technology he nonetheless thinks he’s back in the days of the past when they didn’t own any technology.

Current measure: As his hearing gets most severe when he can’t listen to you he does begin to get disappointed if he doesn’t know very well what you are saying.

Learning outcomes: I discovered that Jerry determined it hard to listen to from time to time therefore i learned that I got to talk more evidently for him in order to understand me. I likewise learned to be patient with jerry at all times. I also inspire Jerry to head out and do actives as when he was in the home he just stayed there and was full isolated, so when he move to town I said to him will be live to go to the local community centre every week to play games at the start he’d never move nonetheless it is amazing the way he has change in the last few months and just how that he has got involved with all activities now.

Case 3: Mary (Name has been evolved for confidentiality) Communication Difficulty

Background Data: The third customer that I am going to discuss is Mary who is 50 years previous who suffers from communication difficulty in the last 2 yrs Mary is a married to Joe they have two children Jack and Sarah. They happen to be farmers but Mary also worked two days weekly it a local shop in the city. In May this past year Mary experienced from a stroke which affected her speech and it was very hard for Mary to talk to persons. Mary was a loving caring person and usually loved to have a speak to her family and also have a cup of tea.

Challenges: Mary had a lot of difficulties she wasn’t in a position to do a number of the activities of everyday living such as, Speech, washing, and her personal hygiene. Mary found it hard to communicate in many various ways. As from the information on Mary’s care plan Mary she found it tricky to swallow she determined it extremely challenging to take medication so you would have to crush up the tables for Mary to be able to swallow them.

Competences: Mary suffers from communication difficulty but Mary still would be able to feed herself, she would also have the ability to walk around the area with help. Mary as well loved to maintain the middle of every game that was on for instance she loved to play bingo every week. Mary also wish to read books with large print from to see it due to her eyesight from the stoke.

Quality of lifestyle: To help Mary’s quality of life if Mary had got an apple ipad tablet she would then be able to type out what she wants to say and it would help Mary to be able to communicate with us workers or her family members.

Current measure: If Mary had coloured flash cards this would help Mary to communicate with other persons if she had distinct colours for different things. In the last couple of months Mary use to make use of far more sign terminology as her speech was gone very low and it was very difficult to understand her.

Learning outcomes: As I Looked after Mary I discovered that I have to speak slower and I also need to make eye call as this would be so important for Mary as when she dose suffer from communication difficulty. I as well learned that whenever a person is suffering from communication difficulty they learned sign terminology therefore i then picked up a bit from Mary and different staff members. From using picture I learned that Mary could understand what I was stating to her.


From discussion the three different consumers I have focused on the entire topic’s that was stated in the brief. From working with clients with different issue I have learned a lot about things that can change the client’s life consequently much and in a few of the cases people don’t know how things can transform hence quickly. When I worked with Mary, Jerry, and Margaret I know that they all have different complication but the three of these were practically the same when it came to things such as Activities of everyday living. I have learned a whole lot of relevant info for these clients for me able to my report as I will also help me when I am back my work placement next week. As I today know if I have consumers with these issues I now really know what I have to do to be sure your client and happy and more comfortable with me looking after them always.

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